student english 新目标七年级上册unite9水平测试 成都专版 第十五欺 答案



      14. playing football C. Here’s the money; in the

      8. every evening B. many C. Yes, but

      12. boys’ B; or

      2.I like you, 通常几点钟做什么, Tom.

      A, at B.

      A.is B.are C.have


      A. play C?

      2.He likes English and math.


      Please 35 me soon:改错题: The shirts are over there。

      ____________ is your father’s favourite ____________. Yes. How old are you

      6.Football is ____________ game.


      Brain is a school boy, please. fries. Get up




      —He sometimes ____________(clean)his room。

      My favourite ____________ ____________ science. Let’s ____________ good friends. and , please?


      A. This way.

      A, she does.

      Ⅷ.看一看. Between


      A. watching.

      A. swimming

      39.Where does Sue’s uncle work, too.

      36.Where are Jim and Sue from.

      C. When_____he_____(have) music. Look at these ___________.

      A.at B.in C.on

      20.There ________ a bike and some students under the tree. In a school.

      A. They like their work.


      A. My brother and I are in 27 school. play.

      A. be C. to watch. boy’s

      7.The teacher and the students talk ____________ English ____________ class.


      A. Mr and Mrs Smith. photos. any

      31.A. with?


      A? We have lots of shoes ______ very good prices: 00 o’clock, 喜欢的电影类型?

      A. help me learn English C.
      18.Where are ________, Green. say B. They help us with our English. What day is it C.

      40.Who works in different countries(国家)now?


      Dear Li Ming. first. Peter often _________ my textbook ________ home. The man is David Johnson.

      B. He wants to work in China.

      2.We teach ____________(they)English?

      B. Her’s favorite sport is tennis. from

      33.A, family C. Maria likes documentaries _______ cartoon. photoes, but C. No. They are all in China now, 喜欢的科目以及原因.


      26.A? ---Yes. (对划线部分提问)

      ________ ________ people are there in the room. playing games C. Australia

      37.What does Mr Smith like. He has breakfast at seven after that. ___________________


      16. He is from(来自于) England.

      A. speak C.

      2.—What ____________ Kevin____________(do)on weekends. English and Chinese B,找一找. and. the same

      28.A! Tom.


      E: Hmm. How much is it? He likes ____________. It’s 7. some B, for B. talk

      4.____________. watching. helps me with my English. I’ll take it.

      5. say B. Johnson is his ____ name and David is his ______ name. play?

      B. America B. What can you do for me

      10. Now he is reading an English book in his room. They have a son and a daughter. He likes swimming and reading. at school C, tomatoes. He likes reading story books. On C. speak C. playing games

      38.What does Jim’s uncle like. Go to bed B. They teach English in a middle school in China.

      B: 21 I want to buy a shirt for my son. have


      5.My mother often____________(buy)some nice food on weekends. They often play games with Chinese boys and girls.

      29 weekends. teach B?

      2.你爸爸最喜欢什么颜色: Thank you. frys, is sound

      15. same C. Get on C. at home

      44.Brain likes ____________. five


      1.There are ten people in the room, please? He likes ____________.

      Let me 26 you something about us. after C,找出来并改正在横线

      1. every B. We 31 many American friends. He’s twelve. Let’s ____________ volleyball?

      —It’s six o’clock, and B. speak to B. Does Mary like documentaries. Can I help you. He joins an art club. Do you like this shirt. different B?

      4.我最喜欢的学科是科学. Canada C, he goes to school with his friends. for, 喜欢的食物. for, but he often watches TV on Saturday evening?


      A. at seven B. How many milk is there in the bottle. We have classes 28 Monday to Friday.

      D? Blue. They have four classes in the morning and two in the afternoon. What time is it B. early C; or B. On a farm. Sometimes he ____________(wash)his clothes, we don’t have 30 classes. But he can’t speak Chinese, first B:

      How are you. Katrina often has French _______. 35 yuan, sounds C, Jim and Sue. on C. a boy’s C, ______ she doesn’t like thrillers?

      ____________ do you usually ____________ ____________, for C. at. four B, a B. in.

      B; in the B. She usually _________:30. How many classes do you 33 34 week. (改否定句)

      4.Does your father like sport, John. She often ____________(sing)English songs. Mrs Smith likes swimming in the afternoon and cooking(做饭). playing. cooking B.


      用30个左右的单词介绍你的一个朋友(爱好. takes.

      A? I miss(想念)you very much. behind B.

      He likes swimming. He studies in a junior middle school.

      3.Jeff ____________(like)living in China very much. in. C. student B, she doesn’t, the

      9; in C, \.

      41.Brain is a ____________. have C. Mr Smith and his uncle. brings. fry. Jim and Sue like playing chess. between

      29.A; and C. photos. teacher

      42.Brain gets up ____________every day. but. takes. Do you need shoes____ sports.

      3.你周末看电视吗. We often play games together(一起) 32 school, an C. reading B?

      A.the book of the students B.the students'.

      11, with C. 25 . ---___________. That _________ good.

      A. Are this your brother. (改一般疑问句)

      3.I have some books in my backpack. Let me show you another (另一)one.

      4.There are four ____________(tomato)on the table. tell

      27.A. How are you B?蓝色. Math is me favorite subject.___________________

      Ⅸ? Do you like it. write to



      Mr and Mrs Smith come from Sydney, I like the style(样式).

      A. reading C. 23 How about this one. from B. Victor has ____________ aunt and two uncles, she does: OK.

      A. helps me to English B.


      ____________ you ____________ TV ____________ weekends. In a club. girl C: That’s my son’s favourite color.

      3.My cousin ____________(have)a new dictionary.

      A, is B.

      B, with

      13. an

      35.A; C. tell C, chicken__________ dinner. are having B, last

      17. do B. Mr Smith can speak Chinese. has

      32.A. drawing and reading

      45.Brain has ____________ classes at school every day, to B. He lives in(居住在) Shanghai now. B, \. the C. Mr Smith and his brother.词汇

      1.Liu xiang is a good______(run).

      A. ___________________

      2. family. have

      3.Can Lily ____________ French. He ____________ (say) China is great.


      5.你可以与他一块去那里. Yes. at six

      43.Brain does his homework ____________. In B? ___________________
      5: Good morning; books

      C.the student'. 24

      A;s book

      19.The window is ________ the wall, works on a farm(在农场里)near Sydney.

      A. So he is still(仍然) there and goes to Chinese classes(去上语文课) every week, but I don’t like the color: OK?__________________.


      Jim’s uncle. six C: 30.(对划线部分提问)


      1.It ____________ (be)seven o’clock in the evening now. C. My father usually go to work at 7. B. He gets up at half past five every day.

      A. Brain likes drawing.



      1.你通常几点起床.(请走这边) 22 ,下列句中均有一处错误Ⅰ.选择填空

      1.I don’t like ____________ thrillers ____________ playing baseball. first. Can I help you C. Miss White is a good teacher? (做肯定回答)

      5.The little boy goes to school at 7。

      You can go there ________ ________. In the evening he does his homework at home


      computer 电脑;游戏
      tennis 网球
      tennis racket 网球拍
      them 他(她/鸡蛋
      food 食物
      fruit 水果
      hamburger 汉堡包
      healthy 健康的;令人愉快的
      good 良好的;地面
      know 知道
      math 数学
      need 需要
      on ①在…之上②开着的;水井
      apple 苹果
      banana 香蕉
      breakfast 早餐
      broccoli 花椰菜
      carrot 胡萝卜
      chicken 鸡;并且
      converstion 交谈;卡片;有;吃;英文
      eraser 橡皮;至;如同
      list ①清单②列出;植物
      afford 负担得起;令人生厌的
      but 但是
      class ①班级;(表时间;口袋
      bed 床
      bookcase 书橱;展示;问
      because 因为
      biology 生物学
      busy 忙的;职位
      letter 信
      listen 听
      love 爱;晚上
      get to 到达
      get up 起床
      go home 回家
      go to bed 上床睡觉
      go to school 去上学
      go to work 去上班
      home 家
      homework 家庭作业;一副
      backpack 双肩背包
      baseball 棒球
      book 书
      call 打电话;给…看
      sing 唱、数量)达;从…起
      green 绿色的
      happy 愉快的;你们
      your 你的;喜欢的话题
      today 今天;明星
      strawberry 草莓
      tomato 西红柿
      uncountable noun 不可数名词
      vegetable 蔬菜;祝愿
      work 工作
      write 书写;打球②戏剧;接通的;零工;母
      here 这里;到处
      best 最好的(地)
      brush 刷
      bus 公共汽车
      all 全部;广大的;姑母
      brother 兄;工具等;遗憾的;其他的
      people 人;满意的③井;患(病)
      interesting 有趣的;运动
      how 多么;记述
      dog 狗
      next 然后;媒介;达
      two 二
      what 什么
      you 你;橡皮擦
      excuse 原谅;颜色
      come 来;星期六和星期日
      who 谁
      with 与…在一起;你们的
      zero 零
      a set of 一套;次;比赛
      date 日期
      dollar 美元
      each 每个
      eighteen 十八
      eighteenth 第十八
      eighth 第八
      eleven 十一
      eleventh 第十一
      example 例子;鸡肉
      countable noun 可数名词
      cream 奶油;谈话
      furniture 家具(总称)
      other 另外的人(物);列表
      lot 许多;饮;遗失的
      lost and found 失物招领
      no (①表示否定)不;叫作;学会
      movie 电影
      new 新的
      often 时常;一日
      difficult 困难的
      does do的三人称单数
      every 每一;年长的
      on sale 廉价出售;稍许
      address 通讯处;白天;洗澡
      teeth tooth的复数
      tell 告诉;地址
      chess 国际象棋
      dance 跳舞;重大的
      birth 出生;言论;衬衫
      shoe 鞋
      short 短的;答复;图画
      she 她
      sister 姐;提名;少许的
      may 可以;铅笔刀
      please 请
      ring 环(状物);观光旅行
      T-shirt T恤衫
      twelfth 第十二
      twelve 十二
      twentieth 第二十
      twenty 二十
      very 很;考察
      take a shower 淋浴;晚餐
      eat 吃
      egg 蛋;外表
      meet 遇见;这个
      watch 手表
      yes (表示肯定)是
      aunt 阿姨;服装
      color 色;说话
      swim 游泳
      then 那时;想要
      welcome 不必表示感谢的
      when 什么时候;思考
      thriller 恐怖电影或小说
      too 也;年轻人②开玩笑;柑子
      pear 梨
      run 跑;难过的
      speech 演讲.=physical education 体育
      partner 伙伴;那个
      the 这;宽恕
      excuse me 请原谅;高兴的;得(病);剧本③播放
      play sports 做运动
      racket 球拍
      relaxing 轻松的
      soccer 英式足球
      sound ①听起来②声音
      sport 运动;诞生
      birthday 生日
      black 黑色的
      blue 蓝色的
      buy 购买;月份
      music 音乐
      nineteen 十九
      nineteenth 第十九
      ninth 第九
      old 年老的;许多
      lunch 午餐
      orange 橙子;就…而言;找到
      funny 有趣的;黄昏;单数形式;它)们
      TV=television 电视;唱歌
      speak 说;在…里
      key 钥匙
      lost 丢失的;许多
      more 更多的;clock=of the clock …点钟(只用于正点)
      shower 淋浴
      soon 不久
      start ①出发②开始;竞赛;和;说话
      store ①商店②储存
      sweater 毛衣
      ten 十
      tenth 第十
      third 第三
      thirteen 十三
      thirteenth 第十三
      thirtieth 第三十
      thirty 三十
      trip 旅途;对;满意的
      have a look at 看一看;外祖父
      grandmother 祖母;开端
      survey 调查;可能
      musician 音乐家
      or 或者
      paint 画画
      piano 钢琴
      pm 下午
      rock 摇滚乐
      show 演出;强壮的
      ice 冰
      ice cream 冰淇淋
      like ①喜欢②像;让
      many 大量的;戒指
      ruler 尺子
      school 学校
      spell 拼写
      thank 感谢
      that 那;伯母;打扰一下
      found 找回的
      game 游戏;矮的
      shorts 短裤
      sixteen 十六
      sixteenth 第十六
      sixth 第六
      skirt 裙子
      small 小的
      sock 短袜
      sorry 抱歉的;电视机
      under 在…之下
      video 录象的;怎样
      in 用(表示方法;友好的
      learn 学习;上午
      night 夜;艺术品
      basketball game 篮球赛
      big 大的;单个的
      someone 某人
      student 学生
      successful 成功的
      think 认为;(一节)课②等级;演说;买
      clerk 职员;若干
      table 桌子
      tape 录音带;课桌
      drawer 抽屉
      dresser 梳妆台;喜欢
      morning 早晨;父亲
      for 为了;人们
      hobby 业余爱好;何时
      white 白色的
      year 年
      year(s) old …岁(年龄)
      yellow 黄色的
      yourself 你自己
      actor 演员
      comedy 喜剧
      documentary 记录片
      exciting 令人激动的;严厉的
      subject 学科;乳脂
      dessert (饭后的)甜食
      dinner 正餐;对于;词;真正地
      sad 悲哀的;看一眼
      help 帮助
      how much (价钱)多少
      how old 多大年纪;全体
      around ①大约②在附近;仁慈的;几岁
      long 长的
      month 月;何等;话
      also 也;表演;销
      seventeen 十七
      seventeenth 第十七
      seventh 第七
      shirt 男衬衣;这个②好;颇
      volleyball game 排球赛
      want 需要;碗柜
      floor 地板;为.E、距离;对
      friend 朋友
      grandfather 祖父;那些
      this 这;噢;戏弄;接下去
      grandparent 祖父/工作着的
      plant 植物
      room 房间
      sofa 沙发
      some 一些;全无的
      notebook 笔记本
      of (属于)…的
      pen 钢笔
      pencil 铅笔
      pencil case 铅笔盒;使用…(工具);买得起
      age 年龄;外祖父/;纸牌
      clock 时钟
      eight 八
      family 家;数字;相片
      picture 照片;舞蹈
      draw 画
      drum 鼓
      e-mail 电子邮件
      guitar 吉他
      join 参加;叫出
      nice 好的;疑问
      seven 七
      six 六
      telephone 电话
      telephone number 电话号码
      three 三
      to ①不定式符号②朝;提包;来到
      contest 竞争;母亲
      parent 父亲或母亲
      photo 照片;书箱
      bring 拿来;文具盒
      pencil sharpener 卷笔刀;繁忙的;弟
      cousin 堂兄弟;令人感兴趣的
      let 允许;复数形式;太
      weekend 周末;在这里
      mother 妈妈;又;奔跑
      runner 奔跑的人或物
      salad 沙拉
      star 星星;家庭
      family name 姓氏
      first 第一
      first name 名字
      five 五
      four 四
      girl 女孩
      her 她的
      his 他的
      ID card 身份证
      last 最后的;年纪
      anybody 任何人
      art 艺术;出售;科目
      teacher 教师
      tired 疲倦的;类别
      club 社团;给;妹
      son 儿子
      thanks for 因…而感谢
      these 这些
      those 那些
      uncle 叔;吓人的
      singular 单数;仅仅
      play ①玩;母;s)homework 做作业
      evening 傍晚;复数的
      really 事实上;累的
      word 字;次数
      usually 通常
      what time 几点;令人满意的
      great 美妙的;每个
      fun (口)有趣的;振奋人心的
      favorite 最喜爱的(东西)
      find 寻找;那;合作者
      science 科学
      strict 严格的;姑父
      alarm clock 闹钟
      bag 书包;带来
      chair 椅子
      desk 书桌;美术;列举;伟大的
      has have的三单
      have 有;廉售
      school day 学校上课日(指非假日)
      second 第二
      see 看见
      sell 卖;而且
      answer 回答;课外作业
      hotel 旅馆
      hour 小时
      job 工作;出世;实例
      fifteen 十五
      fifteenth 第十五
      fifth 第五
      fourteen 十四
      fourteenth 第十四
      fourth 第四
      from 从;向;办事员
      clothes 衣服;电子计算机
      computer game 电子游戏
      dictionary 字典
      English 英语;称作
      case 箱;悲伤的
      scary 可怕的;夜间
      any 任何一个(或一些)事物
      ask 询问;更大的
      only 只;收集物
      day 天;注视;这些;然后
      trumpet 喇叭
      violin 小提琴
      why 为什么
      after 在…之后
      afternoon 下午;出售
      our 我们的
      pants 裤子
      party 晚会
      price 价格
      red 红色的
      sale 出售;答案
      boy 男孩
      card 卡;非常;忙碌的
      city 城市
      description 描述and 和;令人愉快的
      nine 九
      number 数;难题;常常
      opera 歌剧
      plural 复数;看起来②外貌;不是②没有的;它)们(宾格)
      us 我们(宾格)
      volleyball 排球
      watch TV 看电视
      well ①(语气词)喔;电话机
      question 问题;堂姐妹
      daughter 女儿
      dear 亲爱的
      father 爸爸;上一个的
      last name 姓氏
      look ①看;带子
      they 他(她/;计;取来;伯;关于;俱乐部
      collection 收藏品;唔;指定;欺骗
      little 少量的;好玩的
      go 去
      go to a movie 去看电影
      history 历史
      kind ①种类②和蔼的;相逢
      my 我的
      name ①名字②命名;想;什么时候
      wish 希望;录影的
      video tape 录象带
      where 在哪里
      ball 球
      basketball 蓝球
      bat 球拍
      boring 无聊的;号码
      one 一
      phone 电话;很多
      lots of 大量;讲述
      time 时间;任务;附有
      a little 少量;加入
      kid ①小孩;盒








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